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Galas: A Wonderful Choice for Fundraising!

Fundraising galas can be very exciting, and even educational, events. However, unless you are a very experienced fundraiser, organizing a fundraising gala can be both overwhelming and intimidating. If you have never attended such a gala as a spectator, these negative emotions are most likely even more pronounced.

Fortunately, however, your inexperience, hesitation, and even fear do not have to keep you from being the chairperson of an extremely successful gala. If you simply complete the following three steps, you will be well on your way in no time!

Before attempting this checklist, please make sure you have firmly decided what charity or other worthy cause for which you are trying to raise funds. This will make both preparing and advertising the gala exceptionally easy in comparison to trying to prepare and advertise while still debating on who will receive your raised funds.

Three Steps for Preparing Fundraising Galas

As mentioned previously, there are three steps for preparing fundraising galas. The first is to decide what type of gala in which you will participate. There are two basic types of galas. In the first type, the entire gala will be raising money for your charity alone. In the second type, several fundraising groups will work together on the gala and then either split all the profits or, alternatively, each group will be responsible for raising its own funds during the gala events.

It may seem more profitable to organize the fundraiser yourself. However, this is not necessarily true. For one thing, organizing a gala for one charity costs that charity considerably more time and money than does a multi-group gala. Also, people are often more likely to attend a fundraising gala that is multi-group. Finally, if you are supporting a relatively unknown charity or cause, you can propel off the popularity of other groups participating in your multi-group gala.

Your second step in the process is to find a location for your event. School gyms and auditoriums work well, and schools will often allow you to use their space if you are helping to support a non-controversial, non-profit organization.

Lastly, all you have to do is find performers, booth workers, etc., for your gala. Once this step is completed, all you have to do is advertise and wait for the set date to roll around.

Once the gala is over, advertise the results to your community. If people know their donations were greatly appreciated, they will be more likely to help your charity or cause in the future. Good luck!

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