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Fundraising Mixes Well with Chocolates!

If you are like the average American, you have seen a fundraising bake sale or car wash, but how familiar are you with fundraising chocolates? Fundraising chocolates are a very simple idea: The chocolate is sold to individuals, and the profits go directly to a particular club, charity, etc.

If selling fundraising chocolates sounds appealing to you, however, you may still have more questions than you have answers. For example, how do you get started selling chocolates? From where do the chocolates come? Who should you attempt to sell the chocolates to? In the next few paragraphs, you will learn the answers to these questions and many more!

Begin to Sell Fundraising Chocolates

Are you ready to begin to sell fundraising chocolates? If so, the first thing you should do is decide who will sell the chocolates and for what cause you will sell the chocolates. Popular causes include such things as schools and charities. Generally, children are able to sell more chocolate than adults because people trust that children are actually selling for the cause they are advertising, while adults may be scheming to make a few extra dollars for themselves.

The next step in the chocolate-selling process is to decide where the chocolate will come from. Chocolate can be ordered from companies that specialize in fundraising. The cheaper option, however, would be to simply buy popular chocolate and sell it for a slight profit. While it is true that the cause you are selling for is more important than the chocolate itself, people are more likely to buy chocolate if they know it is a brand they will enjoy eating.

The last question you may have is who you should sell the chocolate to. First, you should begin with people you know, such as family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Next, you might want to consider setting up a booth for a chocolate sale at a popular shopping center on a Saturday. Make sure that you get permission from the applicable store managers before setting up, however! If you still want to make more money, consider distributing flyers advertising your chocolates to neighboring subdivisions. If you are uncomfortable posting your address or telephone number on these flyers, consider putting an e-mail address, which is the preferred method of communication by many people today, anyway.

While fundraising chocolates may not be the most traditional fundraising technique, it will surely bring in a nice profit for your particular cause. Good luck in your present and future fundraising endeavors!

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