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Intelligent Ideas: Make the Most of Fundraising

Have you been trying to raise money for a worthy cause but have finally run out of fundraising ideas? Unfortunately, this is quite a common problem. However, no matter how many fundraisers you have tried in the past, there are still thousands of fresh ideas out there if you only know where to look!

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn about three innovative fundraising ideas. Please remember, though, that this is only the very tip of the iceberg. An Internet search can give you many other ideas. Additionally, individuals who have been fundraising for considerably longer than you may have suggestions that have not yet crossed your mind. All in all, it does not matter where your ideas come from. All that matters is that you are trying to help a charity or other worthy cause.

Three Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Hopefully, the following three innovative fundraising ideas will help get you started with your fundraising again. First, consider hiring yourself (or other group members) out for odd jobs in the community. This works especially well if your group contains a lot of teenagers. Make sure to advertise that the profits go towards your fundraising goal, which will increase the incentive for people to hire your group members over other employees.

Another option is to have a garage sale. Have the members of your group bring items they no longer need or want and spend a couple of days selling these items to members of the community. Again, make certain that potential buyers know their money is going towards a worthy cause.

Finally, if your fundraising group contains older teenagers or young adults, a "date auction" might be something to consider. Generally, both participants and bidders have a great time at these auctions, and donations are usually relatively high. Please make certain that both participants and bidders understand the rules of the date before any money is collected, however. This will help avoid conflict over expectations while the individuals are actually on the date.

In the end, it does not really matter what fundraising technique you use as long as you work diligently toward your fundraising goal. Most successful fundraisers try a variety of techniques before deciding what works best for them. Additionally, do not feel discouraged if it takes a while for people to begin to donate their money. Eventually, one or two people will give money to your cause, and the "snowball effect" will probably follow. Good luck!

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