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Fundraising Has a New Fashion: Bracelets!

If you are struggling to organize a successful fundraiser, you might want to use fundraising bracelets! Fundraising bracelets are a wonderful tool because they can be used in two different ways: You can sell bracelets to raise money at a fundraising event, or you can create bracelets that advertise your particular fundraiser.

Do fundraising bracelets seem like a good idea to you? If so, you probably still have several questions. For example, which of the two previously mentioned uses for bracelets is the most effective? To what groups should these fundraisers be geared? In the next few paragraphs, you will find the answers to these two questions and other useful information for those who want to give bracelets a chance!

Effectively Using Fundraising Bracelets

Effectively using fundraising bracelets is not very complicated. Some people do struggle with how best to use the bracelets, though; both uses have pros and cons. For example, if you sell the bracelets to make money at a fundraiser, you have to make or buy the bracelets and market your product. On the positive side, though, bracelets are usually popular items at crafts shows and fundraisers, meaning you have a fairly high probability of actually making a profit. If you choose to use bracelets as an advertising tool for your cause, you have to order the bracelets and wait for their arrival, and you take the chance that the writing on the bracelet will be too small for anyone to notice. However, this unlikely advertising venue is more likely to capture the attention and interest of an individual than more traditional methods.

No matter which way you choose to use fundraising bracelets, your best bet is to focus on middle school, high school, and college females. While you will sell jewelry if it is attractive, sales will be higher if you can popularize your product within the school system. If you have yung women in your group, have them wear the bracelets for the week preceding the fundraiser. Thus, when their peers notice their jewelry, they will be able to advertise the cause and fundraiser by word of mouth.

If you choose to use fundraising bracelets, do not feel that you must follow our suggestions. There are lots of things you can do with bracelets. For example, you might consider charging people to make their own bracelets with beads and string. Good luck!

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