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Fundraising is Simple if You Know "How Tos"

If you are new to fundraising, the first thing you need to do is become familiar with several fundraising "how tos". Knowing these basic fundraising philosophies will help you to reach a broader group of people, raise a great deal more money, and avoid discouragement much more effectively than if you begin fundraising with no direction.

If you ask anyone who has been fundraising for an extended period of time, he or she will likely tell you that there is always something new to learn about fundraising. Likewise, this article certainly does not exhaust all the fundraising "how tos" that you might need to know. However, the following few paragraphs should give you a good foundation for your first fundraiser. Feel free, though, to do your own further research to get more useful ideas.

Eight Necessary Fundraising "How Tos"

There are, in general, eight necessary fundraising "how tos" with which you must be familiar. The first "how to" is to decide what charity, school, or other worthy cause you wish to raise money for. Secondly, put someone in charge of the fundraiser. This person needs to be very responsible and reliable. He or she will be responsible for public relations, as well as making sure that everything gets done correctly and on time.

The next three fundraising basics go hand-in-hand. First, you must set a goal for how much money you wish to raise. Then, make a list of possible fundraising events. These can include such traditional activities as car washes and bake sales or less common methods, such as date auctions. Finally, make your decision as to which fundraising event you are going to concentrate on.

Once you have chosen an event, set a deadline, and make sure that everything is completely ready to go by then. As you work towards this deadline, however, remember to keep other members of the group updated so that they know what to expect on event day. Finally, total up your profits and send the funds to the charity or cause of your choice!

By following these eight easy steps, we are certain that you will have a profitable, successful fundraiser, and we know your charity or other cause will greatly appreciate your effort and hard work. If you receive a thank-you card or other token of appreciation, be sure to show it to the other members of your group; it is important for everyone to know it was a job well done. Good luck!

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