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Use a Cookbook to Enhance Your Fundraiser

If you need a great idea to help raise money for a charity or other worthy cause, you might wish to consider a cookbook fundraiser! Cookbook fundraisers are a great mix of tradition and innovation. Think of it this way: Cookbook fundraisers are not as worn out as bake sales and car washes, but they are not as new and controversial as date auctions. Because of this great mixture of styles, cookbook fundraisers are sure to bring in a great profit for your cause.

Unfortunately, however, cookbook fundraisers do require a bit more work than the more traditional fundraising approaches. Nevertheless, with the information you acquire in the next few paragraphs, you should be well on your way to a successful fundraising event in no time!

Organizing Your First Cookbook Fundraiser

Organizing your first cookbook fundraiser does not have to be a stressful time if you follow a few simple steps. First, as always, you need to decide what charity or other cause you will collect money for. Secondly, decide where to hold your fundraising event. Parking lots and store lobbies are terrific options, but make certain you receive permission from the store manager or owner first!

Once you have decided these two things, advertise your fundraiser. Hand out flyers, place an ad in the local newspaper, and make an announcement on a local radio station. Be sure to mention what percentage of the profits go directly towards the charitable cause; people are more likely to donate money to a fundraiser that actually gives some money to their advertised charity.

Your final step is to simply show up at your fundraising event and sell cookbooks! You have two options for doing this. You can either buy the amount of cookbooks you think will sell so that your customers can walk away with their books immediately. However, this method comes with the risk that you might have a vast quantity of books left over and may actually come up with a negative monetary balance. Your other option is to simply take orders at your fundraising event. This way, you know exactly how many cookbooks you should buy. Generally speaking, most people who purchase products from fundraising tables do not mind waiting a few weeks for their purchases.

If, for some reason, a cookbook fundraiser does not work for you, do not feel discouraged! There are thousands of fundraising ideas out there, and the Internet provides easy access to many of them. Good luck!

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