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Make Fundraising Attractive with Bracelets!

For several years, fundraising bracelets have been used with a relatively high rate of success. However, many people are wary of this method simply because they have never heard of it referred to by this terminology. Think of it this way, though: How many times has someone asked you to buy a piece of jewelry, assuring you that a certain percentage of each dollar will go towards some type of charitable organization? If you are like the average American female, this has happened to you at least once, and it is nearly certain that at least one of the pieces of jewelry available for purchase was a bracelet.

Even though fundraising bracelets may not be a new phenomenon, several new methods of how to fundraise with bracelets have been introduced in the past few years. Today, there are three basic ways bracelets can be used to raise money. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn enough about each of these methods to be able to choose which one will work most efficiently for your particular situation.

Three Ways to Use Fundraising Bracelets

As mentioned previously, there are three ways to use fundraising bracelets to help your charitable organization. The first way involves selling rubber bracelets. The popularity of rubber bracelets makes them very good sellers. Additionally, rubber bracelets can be used in different ways. First, you can sell regular rubber bracelets for a profit and donate the proceeds to your charity. Alternatively, you can have bracelets made that particularly advertise/support your particular cause. For example, this has already been done for breast cancer awareness.

The second way in which to use fundraising bracelets is to set up a booth where people pay for the opportunity to make their own bracelets out of beads. Because this will be most popular amongst children, it is best to plan this type of event near an elementary school or as an exhibit in a local carnival or crafts fair.

Finally, you might consider the old-fashioned way of simply selling regular bracelets for a profit and donating the profit to the cause. While these bracelets are generally considerably nicer than rubber or bead bracelets and, in some cases, may even be sterling silver, they are rarely gold. People are often reluctant to buy a piece of gold jewelry anywhere other than a store out of fear that they will either be overcharged or given a gold-plated rather than solid gold product.

Jewelry has always been popular and is likely to remain that way. It is also considerably less messy than many other traditional fundraisers, such as bake sales. Thus, you might want to consider selling bracelets for your first fundraiser and slowly graduate to more complicated techniques as you gain experience in the fundraising field. Good luck!

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