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Fundraising Letters are Easier with a Sample!

If you are interested in fundraising through a letter-writing campaign, you might be wondering where you can find sample fundraising letters. Viewing sample fundraising letters before you write your own will help you understand how most non-profit companies format their letters, and you might be able to pick up a few tips for convincing people to make monetary donations. Additionally, if you find a particularly strong sample letter, you may be able to use the letter for your own campaign by simply changing a few words and/or phrases.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn a little about four most popular places to find sample fundraising letters. Don't stop reading!

Four Places to Find Sample Fundraising Letters

As mentioned previously, there are four places to find sample fundraising letters. The first place is in books. While some useful letters may be found in books on fundraising, English textbooks may be a better option. Often, textbooks will use fundraising letters as examples for teaching middle and high school students to write official business letters.

Secondly, check your mailbox. The average American receives several fundraising letters per year. Look over these letters, decide which ones appealed to you and which ones were a turn-off, and use the appealing ones as samples for writing your own letters.

The third way to get sample fundraising letters is to consult a professional writer. The vast majority of those who write fundraising letters and essays for money will provide you with a short excerpt from one of their previous works. Unless you would consider hiring the writer, however, this is probably not a good option. Most writers will not show you enough of their sample letters for it to be useful to your own letter preparation.

Finally, consult the Internet. A simple search will probably lead you to several different samples. Additionally, the Internet is full of homework-help sites, many of which offer proofreading services for a small fee. Unless you are completely comfortable with you own letter, you might want to consider utilizing this service.

Remember that writing fundraising letters should not cause you a great deal of stress. In the end, what you write has only a very small effect on whether or not people donate money. The income of the person receiving the letter and the charity/cause for which you are fundraising matter a great deal more than the actual content of the letter. Therefore, regardless of what sample fundraising letters say, yous hould write your fundraising letter the way you see fit. Good luck!

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