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School Money Comes from Fundraising!

School fundraising is certainly nothing new; elementary, middle, and high school children have been working bake sales and car washes for several decades. Nevertheless, school fundraising may very well remain a mystery to those who are not intimately involved in the behind-the-scenes work.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or older sibling, you are capable of running a successful school fundraiser. All you have to do is ask and answer three simple questions. First, what will you be raising money for? Second, what type of fundraiser do you wish to have? Finally, who will be working the fundraiser?

In the next few paragraphs, you will find the answers to these and many more questions you may have, so keep reading!

School Fundraising in Three Simple Steps

As mentioned previously, the next few paragraphs should teach you the art of school fundraising in three simple steps. The first step in this method is to ask yourself what type of fundraiswer you wish to have. There are several subcategories to this question. Do you wish to have a fundraiser for the SCHOOL, or do you want the school to raise money for a CAUSE? Either way, the cause is the most important aspect of your fundraising; people donate to causes they support and steer clear of those they find less than appealing.

The second step in the process is to figure out what kind of fundraiser you wish to have. School fundraising can come in a variety of forms, from selling candles and greeting cards to having bake sales and car washes. Ideally, you want to host a fundraiser that is relatively inexpensive but has the potential to bring in a large profit.

Finally, decide whether the kids or the adults will be running the fundraiser. Generally, people are more likely to make purchases or donations when the children are working rather than their parents. There should always be plenty adult chaperones, however, and it is not a bad idea to have an adult in charge of the money.

While these three steps should start you on your way to a successful school fundraiser, do not be embarrassed to ask others who are more experienced than you for help. Remember that even fundraising professionals were once beginners, too. Additionally, do not be disappointed if your first couple of fundraisers do not bring in large donations; once people begin to realize you are serious about helping the school system, they will be a little more free with their money. Good luck on your project!

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